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I have received coaching for the last year from two previous coaches who were great coaches, but now that I have found Roshina I feel there was something missing previously. I feel a great trust with Roshina to open up and I feel trust and often excitement when Roshina acutely listens to me talking." 

Not only does Roshina offer this amazing ability to listen and challenge within the coaching role, she also has a plentitude of skills to explore and shift when old beliefs that "no longer serve" me come to the surface or if old memories and emotions arise.


We have come to the end of our planned sessions, but at the moment I do not want to let go of Roshina as she has so much to offer. So I look forward to more sessions, reorganising my thoughts, planning steps towards desired outcomes & exploring what stops me realising my dreams.


I had a beautiful RTT session with Roshina recently - It was as relaxing as it was enlightening!


She skillfully guided me to find answers to a long held questions by using hypnosis and accessing my subconscious mind.


Roshina made me a lovely personalised recording during the session too,
that I will listen to every day, on her recommendation, to cement what we have discovered.

I would highly recommend Roshina as a therapist to anyone.

Karen Jones

Having had coaching sessions with Roshina I can say with confidence that my issues are being resolved and I'm on my way to achieving my goals. 


As a full-time lawyer and mother I want to learn more effective time management, as well as have more clarity in certain areas of work.  Already I am on my way to achieving both these goals.  Roshina takes time to listen, she digests and she then calmly puts forward solutions that are practical and easy to carry out.  Of most importance is Rosina's special ability to help me believe that it all can be done, with ease. 


Roshina is measured in her approach and uses coaching techniques with skill and care.  I come away surprised with my own self-belief and that feeling is down to Roshina's coaching.

Sapna Shah

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