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Your Own Words Are Impacting You as a Leader

How many times have you sat in a board meeting and said something that offended someone? I’m sure you can think of more than a few times when you’ve done this right? And I’m sure each time you’ve either ignored or didn't even realise what you said. There may even be times when someone else pointed it out to you and you brushed it off or thought “I didn’t mean to offend”. Either way, it’s probably made you think, even just for a second about the communication.

When you have conversations with people no matter who they are, or what ranking they have in your company you will mostly tend to be careful in the words you choose. After all, you are the leader who always knows how to communicate correctly right? For instance, when holding a company brief or addressing the shareholders you’ll prepare, you’ll practice, and choose your words carefully so that you get the right messages across in the right tone of voice to meet your outcomes.

My question to you as a leader is that when you take so much care over your words when communicating with other people, why don’t you take the same care when talking to yourself? Yes yourself! What I am discussing here is the words you are using when you self-talk either in your mind silently or even out aloud, could be in your thoughts, conversations you have with yourself that you may not even be aware of. Take note in a day how much self-talk you do, notice what words are you using? Are the words you choose good, positive, supportive words or bad, negative, unsupportive ones?

FACT: Researchers estimate that we think about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day – and that about 80% of those thoughts are negative. Wow, that's a very high percentage.

When you are so careful in the words you choose when talking to other people, why then do you do the opposite when you talk to yourself?

It’s super important to choose positive words in self-talk and it’s only when you start to do this consciously that you can begin to change your habit of negative self-talk to shift the balance from 80% negative talk to 80% positive talk.

To be a great leader and to remain super confident in your role you need the right mindset and the best way to achieve this is by saying the right things to yourself - positive self-talk is vital.

If you are a leader prisoner to negative self-talk and want help to change this then click the link below and book yourself in for a free 30 minutes consultation now.

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