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What Comes First Goal or Life Purpose?

Do you wonder why people keep on going on about finding your purpose in life? And do you think to yourself “leave me alone I’m good, I know my purpose” which could be to provide a good life for your family, or to build your business or career.

But with so many people going on about life's purpose surely there must be a reason behind it all don’t you think? A question you might wonder is what does life purpose mean, why, and how do we find it?

FACT: Do you know that research carried out with around 7,000 adults on the relationship between finding purpose and mortality showed that adults that didn’t have a sense of meaning in their lives were twice as likely to die prematurely, in comparison to those adults that had their life purpose figured out.

Yes, take a deep breath having a life purpose is not just a fad it actually means you’re twice as likely to live longer! And that’s across the board regardless of ethnicity, income, education, or gender.

So, is having a goal enough? Well, it certainly helps but you need to ask yourself what the goal is taking you towards as it might not be your life purpose, in which case you could be working towards the wrong goal. What you first need to do is find your life purpose then set clear goals on how to achieve your purpose. By doing this you will be surprised at how passionate, ultra-focused, and driven you will become, feeling happier and more fulfilled.

Your goals will become crystal clear with you being totally absorbed and connected towards the achievement of them. You’ll begin to radiate energy when you talk about your purpose and what you are doing to achieve it. More people will soak in your energy and want to support you towards your goals and before you know it you’ll be living your best life.

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