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Time to Quit?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘is it time to quit’? Some leaders will be thinking ‘Leaders never quit’, some will be thinking ‘I say that all the time’, whilst others will be thinking ‘yes now that’s how I feel right now’.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re thinking of quitting your leadership role, a long career, your business, a relationship, or a home, what matters is that you are having these feelings.

This is a trigger that something inside you is shouting out and saying that something in your life needs to change. If you don’t act and do something about it then down the line it could affect your health and wellbeing.

I have worked with many leaders that have just ignored the signs and carried on until they either gained the much-unwanted weight, started to drink too much, developed insomnia, became depressed, and started to suffer from anxiety. Listening to your mind and body is important because when we don’t the consequences are not good.

When you get the thoughts or voices in your head telling you to quit you need to do a deep dive into your emotions and your actions by focusing on what is happening at the time.

This is how to do your deep dive.

Get a dedicated notepad for your deep dive so you can monitor and assess how many times you get the quitting feeling.

On your notepad write down each time you have the quitting feeling the following:

Who triggered it, what day was it, what time of day was it, what were you doing, who was around you, what were you hearing around you, what were your emotions (frustration, anger, crying, sadness, boredom, etc.), what did you do just before and what did you do just after.

Do this for at least 3 weeks and after 3 weeks look at each event and note how many times this feeling occurred. Look for the commonalities between each event and this will show you what you may need to change.

When we are at this point it is difficult to pinpoint what is truly going on. We’re too close to be able to take in and understand the full picture to make rational decisions.

You are not alone in this scenario. I have worked with many leaders who have had the same feelings and through our coaching sessions, they have been able to develop a mindset that refocuses them to think more clearly, develop new goals and set new standards.

If you want help to understand what’s going on with you, remember you don’t have to solve it on your own.

Book a free consultation session by clicking the link below and let’s solve it together

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