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Overcoming Your Past

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Past experiences are an amazing thing but not everyone thinks of the past as amazing. For some, the past holds too many memories linked to experiences that they’d rather forget. I agree not all past experiences are equal. We have some good, some bad and some really good, and really bad experiences. What matters is how we think about those experiences now. Yes, that’s right in the NOW. Today you are a different person from who you were yesterday and even different from who you were an hour ago.

Every experience you go through, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, enables you to grow into the person you are now. I have worked with many clients who have had past traumatic experiences, which they are still holding onto because they have not been able to let go. They come to me because they are looking for a life purpose and don’t know what it is that will make their life happier and more fulfilled.

The truth is they do know and through our sessions, they begin to allow themselves the space to discover their true purpose. But then something gets in the way of setting goals to work towards their purpose and mostly it’s when self-doubt kicks in, which is linked to a past experience.

The funny thing about past experiences is that even though we can’t change what happened, we are in control of how we think and deal with that experience today. There is no need to let the experience hinder your now and your future. You can take control of the emotion you have associated with the experience so when you now think about that experience yes it has still happened, but you can accept it and acknowledge it without that sinking feeling of negativity. Instead, you can change that emotional attachment you’d been holding onto and let it go so that you start to feel proud that you have become the person you are because of the experience.

So be proud, stand tall, and let go. A very wise person once said to me ‘the best thing about the past is that it is the past’ and that’s absolutely where it should stay as you look forward to the now and into your wonderful future.

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