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A recent research study found that men feel that work affects their family life and family life affects their work in a similar way to that felt by women. The difference is that women tend to talk more openly about this issue in comparison to men who do not feel comfortable discussing family and work concerns. Men have a fear that if they talk openly about this issue it can threaten their masculinity, have negative career repercussions and they could be stigmatised.

Did you know that fathers are just as likely as mothers to say that parenting is extremely important to their identity and that they’re struggling silently with the conflict between work and family?

We all need a clear purpose in life, which changes as we enter different stages of life. It's okay if your purpose has changed from being a great leader to wanting to look after your children whilst your partner goes out to work. If male leaders continue to feel ashamed about what they really want then they could risk not being happy for a long time and resenting their partner for being able to do what he/she wants. Similarly, if leaders do not open up this conversation within their organisations and create an environment where employees can express their feelings they risk having an organisation with unhappy employees increasing sickness rates, and low productivity.

As a great leader, it is your role to start to open up these conversations not just with women but also with men. Regardless of gender everyone should be confident enough to speak up and discuss how they feel, how they are juggling family and career, and how one is affecting the other. If you’re not happy with the role you’re playing in your family then most probably it’s not in sync with your true purpose in life and that needs to change. If you carry on following the expected society gender role this could affect all your relationships not just with your partner but even with your kids and your role as an effective leader could be compromised.

Take time and talk to your partner, who knows they might be struggling with their role and embarrassed to share that with you, and you could be doing them a favour.

If you’re a leader struggling with work/life balance then I’m here to help you click the link below to book a free one 2 one consultation now.

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