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Leadership Social Media Tips

We all hear about what you should and should not do to be a great leader. There is so much information out there these days, it’s just total information overload.

Jumping from one podcast to the next, watching the Ted Talk on YouTube or the leader who just hit their first million or two! all the Facebook groups, and let’s not forget about Google searches.

I often hear my very accomplished clients saying to me that there is so much information out there that they just can’t keep up with it all, they get confused by information overload and switch off. To be honest I understand there is so much information concerning your company that you need to know that shifting through tons of additional information on actual leadership just takes a back seat.

The important thing is to go easy on yourself and not stress yourself out if you haven’t listened to the latest leadership podcast that other leaders are talking about. You don’t have to listen to every leadership TEDtalk, join every group, or listen to every podcast.

So as a leader with limited time how do you streamline what you give your attention to and still be up to date?

There are three ways you can do this.

Option 1

Trial and error in other words just try it all, and go with what you feel like on the day. If you feel like watching a Ted Talk watch it, if you feel like joining a Facebook Live event join it, if you want to listen to a podcast just do it!

By doing this you will begin to understand your preferred form of the social media learning platform and along the way you might discover ways other leaders do things that you can incorporate into your leadership role, no point reinventing the wheel! The key is not to overthink it, not to stress yourself into feeling that you need to do it all otherwise you’ll miss out. There is no such thing as ‘great leadership learning FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out)’. If you want to know or learn something, trust me you’ll find it, all you have to do is trust your instincts.

Option 2

Be more symptomatic and planned.

Make a list of the types of social media platforms you have always enjoyed.

Make a list of the key things you are interested in or want to learn about.

Now put a star against the top five things on your list.

There you go you now have a list of your favourite social media platforms and a list of your top 5 things you want to learn more about.

All that’s left to do is go onto your favourite social media platforms and search for your top five things and ignore the rest, which is just noise. Enjoy the time this will free up for you by taking a nice relaxing walk or just enjoying the quiet moments.

Options 3

Switch everything off and hideaway in a bubble but good luck with that one!

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