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Has Successful Leadership Become a Cliché

Has the word successful leadership become somewhat of a cliché, is it a word that is overused in the leadership arena today? Everyone is talking about how successful they are as a leader, or they know a great successful leader. But what does successful leadership actually mean and is its interpretation the same for everyone?

When it comes to successful leadership we assume the meaning is the same for everyone.

You are a leader and you are successful right? What’s not to understand. Regardless of the size of the company you are leading, if you are in charge you are the leader right. And if you have managed to meet or even exceed all your annual targets - that’s success therefore you are a successful leader.

Well here is the thing as a leader success is not all about the bottom line although it does help!

The definition of a successful leader is someone who can motivate, inspire and communicate well with others.

Too often leaders judge themselves on profits and yes there is an argument that if you’re a leader who is able to motivate, inspire and communicate well then profits should be up. However, that is not always the case as well you know. There are other things that impact company profits and it is not always just about the workforce. What is important is that you as a leader do not misinterpret what it means to be a successful leader.

Your role is to show others what is required and let them learn how to make it happen. It’s to remain positive even when things are not going as planned. It’s to encourage professional and personal growth and most importantly it’s to connect with your team members.

By doing all of the above you will have a team around you that is growing, is happy, and motivated. This is what a successful leader is and it is what you as a leader should be aiming for.

I have helped numerous leaders to change their mindset and become leaders who are able to remain positive even when things are not going as planned, become great motivators, and be passionate about creating a learning environment within their organisations.

If you would like to chat about how I can help you do the same click on the link below and book in for a free 30-minute consultation.

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