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A Practical Way to Achieve your GOALS

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Are the voices in your head getting in the way of your GOALS?

Midlife is a great time to shut down these voices forever!

Ask yourself:

When I start to do something outside of my comfort zone whose voice do I hear in my mind?

What is that voice saying to me?

Is it…….

  • You’re not good enough

  • You don’t deserve that

  • You can’t do that

And so on………

You are the happiest when you are working towards a goal.

10 simple steps to let go You become the very best versions of YOU. But if you allow the voices in your head to hold you back you could fall victim to self-sabotage. The quicker you let go of the voices the quicker you start reaching your goals and potential.


1. Close your eyes and think about what you want to achieve, what is your goal. Picture yourself having achieved the goal

2. Focus on what you hear in your mind, whose voice do you hear? what are they saying?

3. Focus on that voice and make it louder and louder

Open your eyes and take a deep breath in and out

Close your eyes

4. Think of a funny character that makes you laugh it can be a cartoon character or a comedian from your favorite TV show or stand up

5. Think of your goal

6. Focus on the voice you hear in your mind

7. Change that voice to the funny character’s voice

8. Make the voice funnier and louder and louder, multiply the speed by 50 then 100

9. Play it backwards start to laugh, laugh out aloud

10. Pinch your left thumb whilst laughing out aloud

Open your eyes

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