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In Leadership, A Clear Focused Mind is Not an Option but a Necessity

As a great leader, you are constantly surrounded by information overload being told how to communicate, how to motivate, how to manage change, how to manage stakeholders, how to engage employees, and so on. Do you sometimes wonder why so many people are giving you advice on how to do your job?

Well, it’s because all leaders are searching for this kind of information all the time to make sure they get it right the first time around, that they don’t fail so that they are the greatest leaders. But in the midst of all this information, there is a danger that your mind is constantly getting consumed by multiple streams of information that can cause it to become distracted, confused, and even disorganised.

Multiple things need your attention on a daily basis taking you away from the most important strategic things that you need to do in your role as a great leader. These multiple things lead to distractions pulling you into different directions both practically and virtually, hampering your ability to clearly think strategically and plan your next steps vital to your business success.

I work with great leaders who are struggling to put their thoughts and ideas into clear structured processes. They have multiple plates spinning and although they are prioritising each plate they are not reaping the results of their efforts. This then causes frustration and they begin to rethink what they’re doing. When this happens there is a risk that you might give up on something that will work wonderfully well once you have a clear mind.

So if you are in a place where you’re feeling things aren’t going the way you planned, before making any rash decisions, stop and think about how many plates are you juggling, do you have multiple thoughts and ideas going through your mind at the same time? If the answer is yes then take time out of your day to do 4 key things:

  1. focus your attention

  2. get your priorities straight

  3. work out the most important things from the least important

  4. Ignore the noise

In the words of my client “My head is often full and jumbled before our sessions, after our sessions I often feel clearer and calmer.” Kate Grafton

If you're a great leader in need of support to help organise your thoughts and ideas into a well-structured plan, click below and book a free one-to-one consultation now.

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