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(12 Months)

🔹 Start to become a leader who is  free from imposter syndrome and develop a success mindset.

🔹 Get ultimate confidence and become a fearless leader.

🔹 Create new exciting objectives to take your leadership to the next level.

🔹 Develop strategic plans that are designed to catapult you to success. 

🔹 Get full accountability with no excuses to be the limitless leader you were always meant to be.



1. Book a free consultation

2.  Sign up and start your leadership confidence coaching sessions
3.  Experience the transformation


🔹 1 x Intro coaching session to map out the transformation you are looking for- 30 minutes

🔹 4 x Phenomenal Transformational Therapy Sessions (1 every 3 months) to get rid of old limiting beliefs so you become the leader you were always meant to be.

🔹 4 x Custom- created hypnosis recordings to rewire old limiting beliefs and embed new supportive ones

🔹 2 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions each month (1 coaching session if you have a transformational therapy session in the same month) so you set 

🔹 Email support for 12 Months

🔹 1 x Leadership Evaluation

🔹 Clear 12 Month Objectives

🔹 Focused 12 Month Action Plan


🔹 3 Personality Assessments and to understand:

  • Your blind  spots especially under stress

  • How you are perceived by others in the workplace

  • Your values and preferences

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