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  • You could be suffering from Imposter Syndrome which is when you begin to doubt your abilities and start to feel like a fraud.  You're convinced that your success is the result of a fluke and that you will be found out for ‘pulling the wool over people’s eyes’. Despite evidence of your competence. 

Imposter syndrome affects high-performing people such as leaders and can result in high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and even career change.

  • You need to bounce off ideas to separate the rubbish from the things you really want to go for without judgement, so you get complete clarity and focus on your goals.  

  • You need an extra boost of confidence and total accountability, so you become much more productive. 

  • You're juggling too many things and need support to help you to let go, so you have more time to work on business strategy and growth.


Doubt yourself even when others tell you how talented you are?
Have a list of achievements, yet you still feel you're not good enough to be a leader?

Feel you're a leader by fluke and not because you deserve it?

Feel nervous before important meetings?

Struggle to take your leadership to the next level?




I use strategies to get you to overcome barriers to success so you take your leadership to the next level!

I work with you to transform your mindset so you
 become ultra-confident and you transition into the great leader you were always meant to be!

I get you to move out of your comfort zone so you embrace opportunities and stop being risk averse!


I am an Authentic Leadership Coach specialising in working with leaders who want to level up their leadership by increasing their confidence so they transition from good to great.

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Not only does Roshina offer this amazing ability to listen and challenge within the coaching role, she also has a plentitude of skills to explore and shift when old beliefs that "no longer serve" me come to the surface or if old memories and emotions arise.

I feel there are lots of companies or coaches who offer themselves as experts but I believe in working with Roshina we truly have an expert assisting us in the development of our team.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Roshina to other businesses and in many ways I believe it should be compulsory!

I had lost sight of my goals and objectives and was feeling flat. 


Roshina listened and carefully showed me that with careful adjustment I can achieve anything and found my hunger and desire with work again. 

If you are looking for someone who will listen and help you, then I cannot recommend Roshina enough.

Having had coaching sessions with Roshina I can say with confidence that my issues are being resolved and I'm on my way to achieving my goals. 

Roshina is measured in her approach and uses coaching techniques with skill and care.  





“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”— Chinese Proverb